Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hyperion 1 do?

Primarily we buy and develop residential properties for resale. These are generally homes in need of remodel or vacant
land on which we build new homes. We perform about 75% of the work ourselves, including plumbing, electrical, framing,
and many other trades. We often partner with property owners and/or investors in these projects and then share the profits with them upon completion and sale.

Additionally, we provide consulting services to assist homeowners or developers with their build or remodel projects. We
can be retained by the hour, day, or project.

Why doesn't Hyperion 1 do general contracting work for the public?

Our love is building and remodeling things as opposed to being plumbers, electricians, etc. for hire. We know how to
do all of these things because we feel that it is necessary to do our own work on our projects to achieve the level of
quality that we aspire to. So, while we don't work as general tradespeople for the public, we will help you with whatever
you need on your project if you want to achieve the same kind of results that we do.

Who typically hires Hyperion 1 and what do you do for them?

A typical customer might be someone who owns a residential property which they want to rebuild or remodel and
who wants to save as much money and get the best result possible, but who does not have the experience to
take on such a project. We help such customers by providing the benefit of our experience, educating them, and
giving them access to our sources (and discounts!) so that they can learn and achieve their goals without having to
make mistakes along the way.

Is it legal to work this way? Do you get permits?

Absolutely. A homeowner in Los Angeles is permitted to make repairs, remodel, or build a residential property under the owner-builder provisions of the building codes. Permits and the related inspections by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (DBS) are an integral part of this process. While many less experienced people view the permitting process as
invasive and/or unnecessary expenditure of time and money, nothing could be farther from the truth. The fees paid to DBS for permits and inspections are what assure you that your work has been done correctly, will last a lifetime, and will keep the occupants of your property safe under all conditions. It is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy and will make your home's
equity and resale value the maximum they can be when the work is completed.

That said, if you started a project or hired a contractor who made a mess of your property without permits, don't despair.
We are nationally certified inspectors and can evaluate whatever your current situation is and help you get it corrected with
the least impact possible.